Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meaningless Sex

We’ve attached many things to the necessary interconnection of the male and female principles.  The complex and mysterious nature of male/female relationship and the desire to classify and capture the beauty within this union has created, at least in part, the culture, values and motivations we live with.

The male principle needs to be received, the female principle needs to receive.  I’m not speaking of gender.  Think of Velcro.  One side is made of tiny loops, one side tiny hooks.  The male “hook” principle cannot bind to another hook, nor can a loop bind with a loop.  It simply won’t stick.  This binary is presented of course physically, and on ever more subtle levels of our being.

When both sides know what they are (and of course there are always some loops in the hooks, some hooks in the loops, but let’s keep it simple here) they can bind to their counterpart.  This binding is innately pleasurable because it is fulfilling.  It is complete unto itself.  However, the recognized value and joy of this union creates, in fear-based animals able to project into the future, the desire to control access to this energetically and physically healing phenomenon.

Fast cars, silicone implants and promises made, broken and made again. There could be another way.  What we seek is right in front of us if we could only be honest, and act honestly.  What we are looking for is not “The One” in the form of another.  What we are seeking is the experience of Oneness hidden within the act of union with another - a profound meditation, a fractal circle of life, an unconditioned spontaneous act of humanity.

Language is a set of symbols representing real things.  The word cat is not a cat.  Numbers are useful symbols, but you can’t write poetry with them.  Words are useful, but cannot completely describe our experience of reality.

What is the meaning of a flower?

To try to attach meaning to the union of the male and female principles of life is to try to condition the unconditional, to reduce the irreducible, to attempt to understand the unknown by compressing it within the known.  This union we call sex is beyond meaning, therefore meaningless.  We should all aspire to have more meaningless sex in our lives.

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