Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spare parts or art?

Picasso took two pieces of a bicycle and turned them into a bull's head.  His genius was in seeing something ordinary in a new way.  Did the potential for this piece exist before he placed the handlebars behind the saddle?  We value this as art - as an expression of human creativity - clever, funny, brilliant really.  Would a second piece of art just like made by another artist be valuable or even necessary?  Of course not.  Even with gratitude given to the original artist, no second "copy" would have value because the art is not in the leather or the steel, the art is in the discovery of something seen in a new way.  We are all unique.  No-one else in the world is just like you.  No-one puts a sentence or and idea or a joke together like you can.  There is value in studying great master's work.  Watching the habits and dedication of a master is extraordinarily useful.  There is no value in copying their creations exactly.  Whether you are a writer, singer, yoga teacher or cook, the value of your creation is in the way you create, the things about your character that compel you to create difference  from what you might even consider great, because greatness lies in ability to surrender to the unknown.

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