Sunday, July 3, 2011

Seeking the source - theme and asana

Seeking the source

I was filling my water tank on my r.v. wondering what I would teach today. Some of the water was spilling onto the pavement, and the surface tension of the water made it look like something living as it moved slowly toward the lowest spot nearby. Not in a straight line, but it would pause, fill itself and finally gain the momentum to move around some pebbles or obstructions.

If you looked at the water at one of these pauses, it would look like the water was not doing anything, lacking power or direction. But then, it would move again, around the obstruction. Moving to seek the lowest point, to eventually merge with the groundwater - it’s source.

Not all who wander are lost, as Tolkien said. And not all of our pauses are a waste of time. In the end, when we look back we see that our path, though it meaders, is often the most direct way around obstacles and toward the source of our lives.

Asana - long, slow holds with and emphasis on organic energy

Tadasana - rooting the pelvis

Down dog - wide legs, water hips

Lunges - lunge twists - build a boundary for the flow to increase

Prasarita - shoulders - longer holds

Trikonasana, A. Chandrasana - the coolness of the moon reflected in the water

Salutation to the sea

Parsvottanasana - head on block on wall - organic extension through head

Pavritta Trikonasana

Sirsasana - seek the source through the place where you speak the truth

Parsvakonasana/Pavritta Parsvakonasana

Cresent pose


Setu Bandasana

Urdva - wall



Thread the needle/twist



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